77th Cannes Film Festival


The Cannes Film Festival, one of the world’s most prestigious and high-profile film festivals, is gearing up for an even bigger 77th edition in 2024. As usual, this event will be held at the famous Palais des Festivals in Cannes, located around 35 minutes by train from Nice, from May 14 to 25, 2024.


The Festival

Since it was founded in 1946, the festival has offered a varied selection of films from the four corners of the globe, encompassing a multitude of genres, styles and formats. From gripping dramas and comedies to thought-provoking documentaries, the Cannes Film Festival is an exceptional showcase for the diversity of cinematic creation. The event also offers gala evenings and countless networking opportunities for film industry professionals.

The Cannes Film Festival shines as the world’s leading film festival. Every year, some 5,000 journalists and photographers converge on the famous Croisette to capture the essence of the event. Magazines, TV channels and streaming platforms vie with each other to offer viewers a complete immersion in the world of the festival. What’s more, the Cannes Film Festival enjoys the support of numerous partnerships with renowned brands, which contribute to the financing of the event and reinforce its worldwide reputation. The festival’s emblematic partners include luxury houses such as Chopard, responsible for creating the Palme d’Or each year, as well as top-of-the-range automotive brands such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz.


The official Festival selection

Films in competition

  • L’amour ouf by Gilles LELLOUCHE
  • The Apprentice by Ali ABBASI
  • Motel Destino by Karim AÏNOUZ
  • Bird by Andrea ARNOLD
  • Emilia Perez by Jacques AUDIARD
  • Anora by Sean BAKER
  • Megalopolis by Francis Ford COPPOLA
  • The Shrouds by David CRONENBERG
  • The Substance by Coralie FARGEAT
  • Grand Tour RAND TOUR by Miguel GOMES
  • Marcello Mio ARCELLO MIO by Christophe HONORÉ
  • Feng Liu Yi Dai by JIA Zhang-Ke (Caught by the tides)
  • All we imagine as light by Payal KAPADIA
  • Kinds of kindness by Yórgos LÁNTHIMOS
  • Diamant brut by Agathe RIEDINGER
  • Oh Canada by Paul SCHRADER
  • Lomonov – The Ballad IMONOV by Kirill SEREBRENNIKOV
  • Parthenope by Paolo SORRENTINO
  • Pigen med nalen by Magnus VON HORN (The girl with the needle)

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Palme d’Or

Of course, the highlight of the festival is the Palme d’Or, the most prestigious award given to the best film in competition. The Palme d’Or remains the unshakeable symbol of the Cannes Film Festival, honoring for over 70 years the best film in the Official Selection Competition. Today, this legendary trophy is a true work of jewelry art, requiring the meticulous work of seven craftsmen and almost forty hours of labor. Each Palme d’Or is meticulously handcrafted in Switzerland, in Chopard’s prestigious workshops in Geneva.

Every year, the award ceremony is the subject of much anticipation and speculation as to the favorites to win the prize. Its prestigious jury, made up of eminent figures from the world of cinema, awards prestigious prizes such as the Palme d’Or, the Grand Prix and the Prix du Jury, among others, to the most outstanding films in the official competition.


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